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G-Box is a division of Global Manufacturing.

Our new Headquarters is in Hauppauge, NY with 30,000 sq feet of warehouse and our NY distribution center is in Ridgewood, NY, 100,000 sq feet.

G-Box is a manufacturer of: Steel Products,  Weatherproof Boxes and Covers, Gem Boxes, Gang Boxes, Pancake Boxes, Masonry Boxes, Handy Boxes, Octagon Boxes and Square Boxes.


Our company was founded over 40 years ago with the goal of providing industry leading electrical/data-com products and has grown over the years.

Including both commodity and specification manufacturers. 


We concentrate our sales efforts soliciting business for the wide array of global manufacturers which we represent under Elman Group.

Please contact us at: 718-257-2111 for any questions, quotes, special inquires.

Billing Policy

$50.00 Minimum


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